For DISCORD rules: Go to #rules channel in our discord.
Tip: Not sure whether something is against rules? If you had to think about it twice, then don't do it. Ask a staff member first.
Disclaimer: Anything with a "-" under offenses meaning it is under the choice of the staff member that is punishing. For example: 1h-24h meaning the staff member can mute/ban that player from his choice anywhere between 1hour to 24hours.
Blacklist is a permanent ban which does not permit you to appeal or purchase an unban. All other punishments, unless otherwise told by staff are appealable and you are able to purchase an unban.

These rules apply to all platforms including discord, these rules are always enforceable against both staff and players.

Chargeback / IRL Money Scamming

Description: Any PayPal chargeback or attempt to getting refund by the buyer is a permanent removal from the server. Period. IRL money scamming is also not allowed and will fall under the category of chargeback for this punishment.
Offenses: 1) Blacklist


Description: Any attempt of cheating or gaining an unfair advantage including hacked clients, macros, auto-clickers, xray, printer or any other way is not allowed.
Offenses: 1) Permanent Ban


Description: Intentionally attempting to get players outside of the server into another server is not allowed.
Offenses: 1) Permanent Ban

Glitch/Exploit Abuse

Description: If you find a bug, report it immediately to a staff member. Any abuse of bugs/exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed.
Offenses: 1) 2 Day Temp Ban 2) 15 Day Temp Ban 3) Permanent Ban

Discrimination, Sexual/Derogatory Remarks

Description: Be proper, do not discriminate against others or provide any remarks that are in anyway sexual or derogatory.
Offenses: 1) /warn 2) 2 Hour Temp Mute 3) 3 Day Temp Mute 4) 7 Day Temp Ban


Description: Be respectful to the players and staff of the server. Staff are volunteers who are passionate about making the server better and helping out.
Offenses: 1) /warn 2) 2 Hour Temp Mute 3) 3 Day Temp Ban 4) 7 Day Temp Ban

Server Defamation

Description: Any unconstructive criticism against the server is not permitted.
Offenses: 1) /warn 2) 4 Hour Temp Mute 3) 2 Day Temp Mute

Sexual/Toxic Material

Description: Any sexual or toxic material of any kind is not permitted on the server.
Offenses: 1) /warn 2) 1 Day Temp Ban 3) 3 Day Temp Ban


Description: Do not attempt to flood the chat in any way, keep the chat clean.
Offenses: 1) /warn 2) 2 Hour Temp Mute 3) 12 Hour Temp Mute 4) 1 Day Temp Ban

In-Game Scamming

Description: Scamming other players, such as telling them you will give them diamond diamonds if they give you emeralds and scamming them is not allowed. Scamming where you promise to purchase a rank for a player in return for an in-game item but fail to do so is IRL scamming and is a permanent ban right away.
Offenses: 1) 30 Day Temp Ban 2) 30 Day Temp Ban 3) Permanent Ban

TP/TPA/PlayerWarp Trapping (Any Traps)

Description: Setting a playerwarp that aims to trap/kill players or doing so in any other way such as /tpa is not allowed.
Offenses: 1) 7 Day Temp Ban 2) 15 Day Temp Ban 3) 30 Day Temp Ban


Description: Attempting to grief other claims is not allowed in any way.
Offenses: 1) 7 Day Temp Ban 2) 30 Day Temp Ban

Selling Anything for PayPal/Real Money

Description: You may not sell anything including any in-game items for any real world currency such as PayPal money.
Offenses: 1) /warn - 7 Day Temp Ban 2) 30 Day Temp Ban 3) Permanent Ban

Punishment Evasion

Description: Do not login to an alt and start arguing with the staff member who punished you, instead appeal if you think it is unfair or purchase an unban.
Offenses: 1) 1 Day Temp Ban 2) 7 Day Temp Ban 3) IP Ban (of orig punish)

Compromised Account

Description: You are responsible for anything done on your account, if a staff member, using their knowledge and judgement determines an account to potentially be compromised, it may be banned and given a chance to return. But this is a one-time chance and is rare, again, you are responsible for everything done on your account. Make sure to secure your account.
Offenses: 1) Permanent Ban (Appeal)

Staff Have Final Say

Description: If we deem that you have broken our rules in any way you will be punished, rules are up to good judgement of the individual staff members, though there are set guidelines for our staff to follow.

Undermining the Spirit of the Game

Description: If you participate in actions that are deemed to undermine the spirit of the game (anything that is implied or understood as unintended game/play exploits, or just overall the spirit of the game or how the game was intended) you can be removed permanently from the server. This includes but not limited to: intentionally lagging the server, sharing donor perks with other players which are meant to be for the individual donator account or intending to do any harm to the server or its gameplay.